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Welcome to the R&M (Ransome and Marles) Bearings Replacement Website. We will find an original or replacement Ransome & Marles Ball Bearing or Roller Bearing for you.

"When you need an R&M Bearing you need us."

Founded in Newark, UK, in 1900, Ransome and Marles, or R & M Bearings as many people know it, soon became the leading British manufacturer of Ball and Roller bearings. Their reputation for quality gained them world-wide acceptance in Aerospace, Defence and precision engineering environments.

Ransome & Marles specialised in the production of large bore Imperial Ball and Roll bearings, often manufactured with a Brass Cage as standard. Bore sizes exceeded 12 inches in many ranges and the manufacture of Customer Specials produced still bigger sizes

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Orinoco Bearings of Leeds, England have been suppliers of R&M Ball and Roller Bearings for many years and if we do not have them in stock we will be able to source original bearings for you, if they do not exist, we will be able to have exact replacement bearings made for you.

If you know the correct number of the R & M Bearing that you need replacing we are almost certain to be able to replace it for you.

To help you find your bearings, we have added a list of all the most requested R&M Bearings Series on this website. Take a look HERE


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